Big Market Saturday October 24! Rain or Shine

Come buy storage crops and FRESH greens this Saturday!


Arugula, baby $10.00 lb

Beets, Storage no tops $2.00 lb

Beets, baby no tops $3.00 lb

broom corn $1.00 ea

Cabbage, red $1.00 lb

Carrots $1.00 lb

Cat Mint (nip) $2.00 bunch

celeriac $2.00 ea

Kale, Red Russian (flat) $2.00 bunch

Kale, Winterbor (curly) $2.00 bunch

Leeks, large $3.00 lb

Onions, red and yellow $1.00 lb

Onions, tiny $1.00 lb

Parsley (flat or curly) $1.00 bunch

Pepper, Green Bell $3.00 lb

Pepper, Sweet Carmen $3.00 lb

Pepper, Jalapeno $4.50 lb

Pepper, Hot Ristra $4.50 lb

Potatoes $1.25 lb

Potatoes: Fingerling $3.00 lb

Salad Mix $8.00 lb

Swiss Chard $2.00 bunch

White pumpkins $1.00 lb

Winter Squash $1.25 lb


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