Monday June 06, 2011 First CSA Distribution

The first week of distribution included:


.82 lbs of salad mix

1 huge bunch of red russian kale

1 large bunch of winterbor kale

1 bunch of green garlic (yum!)

3 bok choi– 2 green stem and one white stem


Remember to freeze any extras for stockpiling local food for the winter.  Kale can be eaten at every meal, and bok choi make a GREAT cole slaw.   Green garlic can be chopped and put in almost everything.  Any extra garlic can be dehydrated, or chopped finely and mixed with salt (like all other excess fresh herbs) to make a wonderful herb salt.


See you next week!!!


Eamples of some of last year’s (2010) CSA distributions:

Here is the first and smallest (full) share of last season:

June 03, 2010:


2 pac choi

1 bunch french breakfast radish

1 bunch red radish

1 bunch mizuna

1 bunch kale

1 bunch scallions

.75 lb salad mix

1 bunch hakurei turnips


At our farmstand or at the Farmers’ Markets where we sell, the retail cost of the veggies above would be about $20.00- $23.00.


June 28, 2010: (full)


7 lbs summer squash (harvested small and tender, zukes too)

4.25 lbs zucchini (peak of summer squash and zukes)

1 white pac choi

1 green pac choi

1 bunch red radish

1 bunch hakurei turnip (the best, sweet salad turnip)

1 bunch purple top turnip (traditional)

1 bunch scallions

1 head lettuce

1 bunch red Russian kale

1 bunch Swiss chard

1 bunch (25 stalks) green garlic scapes


The veggies above are over $50.00 when buying retail at our markets.


August 07, 2010: (full)


2.4 lbs summer squash

2.1 lbs zucchini

2 bell peppers

1.6 lbs slicing cukes

1.2 lbs pickling cukes

.75 lbs sungold cherry tomatoes

.8 lbs cherry tomatoes

.6 lbs big tomatoes

2 pac choi

1 bunch red Russian kale

1 small cabbage

1 bunch basil

1 bunch French breakfast radish


Again… almost $40.00 at market for the above veggies.


Placing seed orders, and starting alliums!

Planting has begun at Two Toad Farm.  We start with alliums (onions, leeks, shallots)….       and it just snowballs from there!


Many folks have been asking for more specifics about “what is in a CSA share?”  We will be adding to the blog several examples of actual distributions from last year’s (2010) season.




Attend a CSA Fair near you!

Attend a CSA Fair near you!

Two Toad Farm will be attending two back to back CSA fairs. On Saturday, February 26, Slow Food Seacoast will be sponsoring a CSA fair from 10:-2:00 at Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford during the Winter Farmers’ Market. On Sunday, Two Toad Farm will also be in Springvale at the Anderson Learning Center from 1:-3:00 p.m. during the Maine State-wide CSA Fair on February 27 co-sponsored by the Maine Organic Farmers&Gardeners Association (MOFGA). These events are free to the public, and will host a number of local farms who are eager to share information about farming and local food.

To learn more about CSAs, or to sign up, attend the free CSA fair closest to you. For details about Two Toad Farm, visit or call the farmer, Jordan Pike, directly at 207-252-1103 or at

History of Two Toad Farm: Lebanon, Maine.

Two Toad Farm began growing commercially in 2008. This year the farm will be expanding into another field, and will have about 4 acres under intensive vegetable production. Including blueberries, hay, and cover crop rotations, Two Toad Farm’s total acreage under Organic Management is over 17 acres. Two Toad Farm also offers a range of land planning and consultation services like farmland management and restoration, Organic Systems planning, public lectures, and erosion and sedimentation control.


Two Toad Farm CSA Offers 2011 Vegetable Shares, Attends Two Local CSA Fairs

Two Toad Farm CSA Offers 2011 Vegetable Shares, Attends Two Local CSA Fairs

Two Toad Farm

For Immediate release:

Lebanon, Maine—February 21, 2011


Lebanon, Berwick, North Berwick, Sanford, Springvale, Alfred, Acton, Shapleigh, Rochester, Farmington, Barrington, Strafford, Milton, Somersworth, Rollingsford, Wakefield, Dover.

Residents in Southwestern Maine and Seacoast, NH again have an opportunity to support local agriculture and bring fresh, USDA Certified Organic vegetables to the dinner table for the entire growing season. Two Toad Farm in Lebanon, Maine is selling 50 summer vegetable shares of the 2011 harvest season using the popular CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model. Shares cost $500.00 and are designed for a typical family of four the majority of its seasonal vegetable needs from June until October. Discounts are available when shares are paid in full by March 25. Produce shares are picked up at Great Brook Animal Care on Rt. 202 in S. Lebanon, Maine just 2 miles from the NH border. The farm will be selling shares until they are sold out. Check for deatails.

2011 Summer CSA shares on sale soon!

Check back soon for details on the new 2011 Summer Vegetable CSA program.  This will be Two Toad Farm’s third CSA season.

2010 Summer CSA Distribution begins May, 31.

Now that distribution has begun, we will no longer be selling CSA shares.  Two Toad Farm sells Certified Organic Produce at the Sanford Farmers’ Market, and the Portsmouth Farmers’ Market every Saturday Morning.  This is a very busy time of year, and planting and harvests are in full swing.

Hope to see you at market!

Many Full Shares left.

The farm will be selling shares untill we reach 80!  Plenty of full shares left for both Monday and Thursday.  Sign up today!

Field Planting has begun!

I am VERY busy this time of year.  Laying out the rotations, paying bills, lining up workers, getting equipment lined up and running, paying bills, watering seedlings, planting seedlings, direct seeding crops, cultivating, cleaning equipment, paying bills, weeding perennial weeds, moving perennials into perennial beds, ordering more supplies, ordering more seeds, paying bills, and on and on…..


Almost all of the small gardens in S. Lebanon have been planted with early crops, and cultivation has started up in W. Lebanon.  We will be plowing up in C. Lebanon soon.    We have been eating salads, green onions, jerusalem artichokes, the occasional carrot and parsnip, and garlic greens….  all volunteers or over wintered.  The more land under veggie production, the more random food that pops up each spring.  These early treats are good for the tired farmers. It helps us look forward to the big harvests!


Stay tuned!


Tilling the S. Lebanon Garden

Tilled some beds in the beautifull, warm weather today at the S. Lebanon Gardens. The W. Lebanon Field is really very wet… but should dry out soon enough. The Center Lebanon fields will have to wait a couple of weeks before we plow 4 acres up there… again due to the wet weather. But it IS still early– especially for opening new land. Two acres will be cover cropped two or three times throughout the year for weed and fertility management, and the other two acres will be cover cropped, then put into production. Things like Corn, beans, peas, edemmame, and late crops (winter squashes, pumpkins) will be up there becuase they can be grown in “new land”… whereas other things can’t due to pests that live in sod.


I hope that everyone is enjoying the weekend, and spending some time outside!!!