CSA Distribution for Week of 23 JUN 2009

Don’t forget that you can cook radishes many different ways (folks have been roasting them in the oven with garlic and olive oil), and that the salad mix is all baby versions of larger cooking greens so you can cook with them (they cook FAST, be careful.. great in morning egg dishes) if you’ve had enough salads. The braising mix is great cooked or raw.

This may change based on tomorrow’s harvest, but the plan is:

This week’s full share consists of the following:

2 Pac Choi (me quing choi)

1 head lettuce (red cross)

1 bunch of baby beets/greens (bull’s blood beet)

1 bunch garlic scapes (red Russian and MY FAVORITE!!!! )

1 bunch Hakurei turnips

snap peas (sugar anne, amount to be determined after harvest)

1 bunch radishes (rover)

½ lb braising mix (mizuna, red giant mustard, tatsoi, vitamin green, kale, ruby streaks mustard)

1 kohlrabi (white eder)

1 bunch green onions (red baron –red or stutgarder –yellow)

½ lb salad mix (“all greens” mix)

Half shares will be be 1/2 of this…. smaller bunches will be set aside for the half share folks but it’s up to you to pick out smaller heads of lettuce from the crates.

From the cold, wet, muddy field….


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