Who is Two Toad Farm Summer Vegetable CSA for?

This CSA is for people who like to eat a lot of vegetables and are looking to lock in a price on a diverse selection of pure, fresh produce. More specifically it is for homes that want to eat healthy, support local agriculture, connect to the land where the food is grown, try new things, and strengthen the local economy.   If all you want is corn, tomatoes, and cucumbers during the summer, then this CSA is not for you — instead come to our farm stand or any of our local farmers’ markets and buy things by the pound at affordable retail prices. Either way we would love to feed you and your family.

Where is the produce picked up?

Shares are now picked up at our farm stand on rt 202 in Lebanon, Maine next to the Post Office.  The address of the Two Toad Farm Stand is 320 Carl Broggi Highway.  Once we start in mid June, pick ups are EVERY MONDAY from 4:30-6:30 pm rain or shine or holiday—EVERY MONDAY until it ends in mid September.

How much do the different shares cost, and what is the payment deadline?

Full Veggie Shares cost $450.00 ($425.00 for early full pay by March 21);  Half shares cost $275.00 ($260.00 for early pay in full).  All shares must be paid in full by May 25.  Not paying in full?  Send a $100.00 deposit to reserve the share and follow the payment plan on the sign up sheet.

Remember, CSA members share in the risk of the farming season. 2009 was terrible for tomatoes because “Big-Box” stores spread late blight across the Northeast.  That year, CSA members received only a fraction of what was planned (the farm lost 5,000 lbs of mostly heirloom tomatoes).  Every season is different, and some things do great, and others fail.  This will be our 13th season farming full time, and we grow over 200 varieties of produce.  That means we will always have a good variety of lot’s of food for your family

Marketshares cost $100.00 each, and you can buy as many as you want!  You get $120.00 worth of anything we sell for each one you buy, and payment is also due in full by May 15 (our earliest markets start the beginning of May).

How do I sign up and how do I pay?

Download the signup sheet, PRINT IT OUT, complete it, and return it with your check.  Pay in full, follow the payment plan on the form, or if you need to work out something different, TEXT (don’t call!!) me at 207.252.1103 or use the contact form.  ***If paying with a credit card, the transaction fee is added to the share price. *****   All payments need to be completed before May 25.  Without this CSA money, Two Toad Farm would not be able to produce vegetables for ANY market, retail, wholesale, or CSA share. Being a shareholder supports local agriculture in Southern, Maine WHERE THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD and makes it possible for non shareholders to buy our produce at retail markets.

Can I split a share?

Yes.  You can split a share any way you like, but you do the splitting.  You pick up the veggies, or seedlings, and do your own splitting, dividing, or even alternate who picks up each week. Don’t be afraid to commit to a share.

How much produce is in a share?

Your weekly share is designed for the average family of four (two adults and two young kids) that prepares veggies as part of dinners at home and will contain vegetables in season.  The amounts and types of vegetables vary each week, and early in the season, there will be less produce. At the peak of the season, you may get as much as 25 pounds, allowing you to freeze, can, or share any extra veggies. It should go without saying that things like cucumbers or winter squash won’t be available in the spring, and other vegetables are only available in the spring. A CSA vegetable share is all about what grows well and tastes great in your area and allows a community to consume more local products. A full share may be appropriate for two adults if they are vegetarians and eat almost exclusively fresh or raw vegetables.  See the BLOG for a list of past CSA pickups.

What is in a share?

Vegetable shares vary from week to week, and are dependent on the growing season. It should go without saying that if you need tomatoes and cucumbers in your salad in early June (when tomato and cucumber plants are still tiny, little seedlings) you will have to purchase them elsewhere until they are in season.

The following  shows what may be included in a weekly vegetable share:

Early:  spring salad mix, kale, arugula, beet greens, radishes, and young onions, baby beets, baby sweet turnips

Summer:  Anything from above plus: peas, beans, beets, Asian greens (pac choi, tat soi, joi choi…), broccoli, cabbage, carrots, onions, summer squash, zucchinis, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic scapes, sweet corn, peppers, parsley, basil, cilantro, and Swiss chard

Fall:  Anything from above plus: sweet potatoes, winter squashes, rutabagas, parsnips, fresh garlic, spinach, Jerusalem artichokes, pumpkins, and some winter storage crops.

See the BLOG for a list of past CSA pickups.

What if I miss a pickup, Can I come the next day?

No. If you miss a pickup, the veggies will likely get composted or fed to the pigs. We do not store missed shares. You cannot simply pick up a share on the off day, because the veggies that you missed were grown and harvested just for you. If you know you can’t make it, let us know and it will get added into the mix to make everyone else’s shares that much bigger. You can also arrange for someone else to take it (that is the BEST thing to do… share the bounty!).

Does Two Toad Farm only offer vegetables?

The CSA share will contain Herbs and Veggies, but we also have other farm products for sale at the CSA pick up.  Eggs, pork, lamb, cheese, yogurt, and maple syrup are some of what is available.  Two Toad Farm also offers a range of land planning and consultation services like farmland management and restoration, Organic systems planning, and public lectures.  Call and ask, and we can help you with most anything in the Open Air.

How is the Produce Grown?

Two Toad Farm was USDA Certified Organic for 7 years. Each year we far exceeded those minimum standards. We are no longer going through the expense and hassle of getting Certified Organic because we have lost faith in the system as it has been bastardized by corporate lobbyist. Our products are grown in a manner that still far exceeds those standards.

Where is the farm?

Our home gardens are in South Lebanon, and our NEW FARM LOCATION is in Springvale at the Noon Family Sheep Farm just a few minutes from rt. 202.

Is the farm open to the public?

No. The farm does not own the land and we are unable to allow the public at this time.  We will have some public events like work days, tours, educational workshops, and Three Rivers Land Trust, York County Farmers’ Network, and open farm days this year!!!

Is Two Toad Farm looking for more farmland lease more land?

We are looking to buy farmland in Lebanon or any surrounding town. Ownership or a 99 year lease is necessary to accomplish our food production goals.

Does Two Toad Farm offer work shares?

We will offer a few work shares for folks who have prior farm, or landscaping experience.  You need to call us and apply for a Work Share position.

What if I don’t like the vegetables I get?

Two Toad Farm believes that vegetable growing is all about the flavor of the food they go into and the health of the person it becomes. Some things that grow well and taste great in Maine are things that you may have never heard of. With anything new, it may take a couple of tries to get it right. Remember, if you are starting with superior ingredients, it’s almost impossible to make an inferior meal. If there is still something that you don’t want to try for third time, give it to a neighbor, or freeze it… it’s amazing how in the middle of winter veggies taste 10 times better!

What if I need more vegetables?

If you have a larger family, regularly feed guests, or simply eat more of a particular vegetable than average, you can purchase additional produce at markets in and around Lebanon, buy 2 shares, buy some marketshares, buy some seedlings from us and grow some of your own food….. Please give me feedback on the amount of veggies you receive throughout the season.

Is the non-refundable deposit really non-refundable?

Yes! … and no. If for some reason you do back out of your membership, you can receive a retail credit of $80.00 for produce at fresh market (if/ when available), or $50.00 cash only if cancelled before April 1 —but not both. Any remaining balance paid over the initial deposit will be refunded ONLY IF CANCELLED BEFORE APRIL 1. Basically the farm encourages full shares paid early and is more interested in growing top notch, local foods than chasing people who owe the farm money.

What is on Two Toad Farm’s wish list?

Plain grass clippings and leaves,  ANY old toolbar or wheel hoe attachments (shanks, blades, hillers, wedges, ect..), flame weeder, blueberry winnower, dry-bean thresher, and a comprehensive plan for the Town of Lebanon.