Organic Gardening Advice, Tips, and Tricks

Teach a man to fish???   Teach your family to GROW.


Take the guess work out of what and when to plant.  Our latest offering from Two Toad Farm CSA starts you off with healthy seedlings at the perfect time for planting, advice on soil and garden prep, and teaches you how to grow your own food for your family.  At Two Toad Farm, we believe that learning how to grow your own food is important, but many folks don’t know where to start.  If you are serious about growing your own food, then our Seedling CSA is a great place to start.  With over 475 USDA Certified Organic seedlings spread out across 10 weeks of spring and early Summer (5 pickups), the garden planning, preparation methods, and variety selection are all taken care of for you.  This CSA option costs $250.00, requires a minimum 25’x50′ of garden space, and is for people who are serious about growing their own food for their family.


Feel free to contact us to get a signup sheet (until the up to date sheet is available on line), or with any questions.  Also, don’t forget that many crops are direct seeded (like peas, beans, beets, carrots, salad greens… and are NOT part of the seedling CSA).


We have the following CSA options you can choose from in order to best serve your needs– all while supporting LOCAL AGRICULTURE.


Reserve your own– 2013 Summer Vegetable CSA Share:

Shareholders pay up front, and provide the farm’s operating budget for the season.   Shares cost $550.00 and must be paid in full no later than May 15, 2013.  Discounts are available when you pay early.   Shares are picked up at Great Brook Animal Care on Rt 202 in S. Lebanon, Maine from 4:-7:00 pm each Monday during the 18-20 week season (late May to early October).


Choose your own– 2013 Marketshares:

Buy Marketshares before the season starts for $100.00 each, and get $120.00 worth of any of our products at any of our markets.  This includes veggies, herbs, seedlings, tools, woodenware, seeds and more.


Grow your own– 2013 Seedling CSA:

Serious about growing your own food, but don’t know where to start?  Try our new 2013 Summer Seedling CSA, and start with a full variety of Certified Organic seedlings ready to go into your garden at the right time, and at the peak of health. The Seedling CSA offers wide variety of veggies and herbs along with expert advice on garden prep, planting, pest/disease control, weed control and harvest tips.  The Seedling CSA costs $250.00 and requires 25’X50′ of garden space (1,250 square feet, or 250 feet of 3′ wide garden bed) to accommodate the seedlings.


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