SEND YOUR QUESTIONS IN EARLY!! Learn how to grow your own food: at Noble High School

Berwick PTO presents:

Growing Your Own Food– Where to start, how to do it easier.


On Friday February 28 from 6:- 8:pm at Noble High School in North Berwick, Maine, Jordan Pike of Two Toad Farm will give a talk titled: “Growing your own food” and will focus on how the beginner to advanced home-scale gardener can take advantage of commercial Organic production methods. The talk is sponsored by the Berwick PTO, and topics will include soil management, weed control, fertility, pest control, cultivation, cover crops, variety selection, and more. A large amount of the time will be devoted to questions and answers, and the goal is to teach you how to make gardening easier.


To make this talk as informative as it can be, use the contact form above to submit questions about gardening. I will work the answers into the presentation and tailor the subject matter to what YOU want to know.


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