June 09, 2009 CSA Distribution

CSA Shares consisted of the following:

2 large bunches of Kale, 1 bunch of baby bunching greens (choice of purple mustard, mizuna, or red kale), one large Black Summer pac choi, bunch of green onions, 1 lb of salad mix, 1 bunch of radishes, and for those who wanted, a bunch of arugula.

Next week, look forward to winterbor kale (more common variety), and bright lights swiss chard. Also Red Cross lettuce (head), and Tropicana lettuce (head). Sweet, baby turnips will also make a comeback… and I’ve been watching the first large plantings of peas. There MAY be some peas for the CSA, but if so, a small amount.

Please send recipe questions and Ideas for a new section of the website coming soon.

Thank you,


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