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Organic Gardening Advice, Tips, and Tricks

Teach a man to fish???   Teach your family to GROW.   Take the guess work out of what and when to plant.  Our latest offering from Two Toad Farm CSA starts you off with healthy seedlings at the perfect time for planting, advice on soil and garden prep, and teaches you how to grow your […]

Organic Seed Garlic Planting Instructions:

Here are some good instructions on how to plant garlic.   Planting Instructions: Select largest bulbs and cloves or purchase seed garlic.  Plant garlic in the fall 4-6 weeks before ground freezes (mid-late October).  Separate bulbs into cloves, and discard (eat) any with damage.  We treat our garlic with “Oxidate” (a hydrogen peroxide product used […]

Letting things grow.

The rain caused some problems at the farm a couple of weeks ago.  Things were growing very well… harvests going well… we even had great harvests during the rain.  But due to some flooding and a lot (A LOT) of nutrients being washed out of the ground, we actually canceled last week’s wholesale (restaurant) deliveries […]

First CSA share of 2012: Memorial Day.

Our first CSA share distribution went great.  Despite a farm truck breaking down at Hometown Mobil, the veggies and seedlings got to Great Brook Animal Care on time (the ’76 Chevy was hauled to the mechanics that night, and tuned up running better than ever– all before 12:noon the next day!)   The first share […]

Seeding has begun!

We have started planting our onions, leeks, shallots, and parsley!   We still have many CSA shares left!   Don’t forget our Mareketshare program good for any of our markets including Portsmouth, Sanford, Springvale, North Berwick, and any specialty or holiday markets we may get involved with.   If we’re there, your Marketshare is valid!   Thanks, […]

Complete list of 2011 Summer CSA Distributions

Weekly Distributions Two Toad Farm 2011 Summer CSA These are the FULL SHARE distributions.  Half Shares are a little more than 1/2 of this.  As you can see, shares start out smaller when little is available for harvest and evolve over the growing season.  Splitting a half share is not recommended.   June 6 1 […]

Monday June 06, 2011 First CSA Distribution

The first week of distribution included:   .82 lbs of salad mix 1 huge bunch of red russian kale 1 large bunch of winterbor kale 1 bunch of green garlic (yum!) 3 bok choi– 2 green stem and one white stem   Remember to freeze any extras for stockpiling local food for the winter.  Kale […]

Eamples of some of last year’s (2010) CSA distributions:

Here is the first and smallest (full) share of last season: June 03, 2010:   2 pac choi 1 bunch french breakfast radish 1 bunch red radish 1 bunch mizuna 1 bunch kale 1 bunch scallions .75 lb salad mix 1 bunch hakurei turnips   At our farmstand or at the Farmers’ Markets where we […]

Placing seed orders, and starting alliums!

Planting has begun at Two Toad Farm.  We start with alliums (onions, leeks, shallots)….       and it just snowballs from there!   Many folks have been asking for more specifics about “what is in a CSA share?”  We will be adding to the blog several examples of actual distributions from last year’s (2010) season. Thanks, jp […]

Attend a CSA Fair near you!

Attend a CSA Fair near you! Two Toad Farm will be attending two back to back CSA fairs. On Saturday, February 26, Slow Food Seacoast will be sponsoring a CSA fair from 10:-2:00 at Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford during the Winter Farmers’ Market. On Sunday, Two Toad Farm will also be in Springvale at the […]